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UCan2 Magazine incorporating Drive Magazine, established as market leaders in their field for over 26 years, has always been right at the heart of disability and caring issues, widely recognised and admired for the independence and variety of its coverage.

Distributed four times a year to regular subscribers as well as NHS Trusts, Disabled Living Centres, and doctors’ surgeries.

We have articles on:

• wheelchairs and accessories 

• Changing Places 

• accessible bathrooms

• education and training

• disability aids

• employment rights

• news on benefits and government policy

• home and garden adaptations

• new Motability vehicles

• disabled parking 

• accessible holidays and days out

• visual impairment 

• hearing aids


For more information please call: 01257 267677, email Susan Wheeler, or visit: ucan2magazine.co.uk  and drivemagazine.org.uk


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